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Diane King, cmt 
 Certified Massage Therapist 
do Terra Wellness Advocate
Aquatics Aerobic Instructor
Melaleuca Health and Wellness Consultant

Massage Therapy, Holistic Healing, Thai/Yoga stretch, Hot Stones and introducing the use of Essential Oils for a pain-free and non-medicated lifestyle. Expressing knowledge and experience of water aerobics. Can increase cardiovascular health and Joint health. Low impact, strength and resistance training. And the huge benefits for people with mobility challenges. The importance of nutrition through whole and raw foods and its long term benefits.

Thai / Yoga Stretch ~ Sports Therapy
 Hot Stones~ Sciatic 
 Lower back pain relief Glutes
Aromatherapy  100 % Pure Essential Oils  

Appointments by phone only!
Gift Certificates available!

$40.00 Half Hour (30 ninutes)
$75.00 1 hour       (60 minutes)

$100.00                 (60 minutes)
NOTE : Pending location !

Call for EARLY BIRD Specials
Appointment only by phone only !
*  no Text, block or restricted phone calls accepted *


 Couples Massage

Date Night Specials
$135.00  1 hour for 2 people     (60 minutes)
Corporate Massage Parties  & Events


 100% Pure Grade Oils "
 external ~ digestible

Relieves head & neck tension
Promotes restful sleep
Supports Immune System
Helps healthy cholesterol levels
Relieves occasional upset stomach, aids Digestion

Natural alternatives for daily use !

" We got a oil for that! "
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 circulation * range of motion * posture
decrease joint stiffness
Thai yoga massage is a type of bodywork that combines gentle, assisted yoga stretches with deep-tissue manipulation and  stimulation. It is believed that this technique opens up the body's energy channels and creates enhanced self-awareness to take one to a deeper level of consciousness
By performing a few stretches before your next round, your swing will be at it's peak before the game and your warmed up muscles will be more resistant to strains.

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